Today, more people are becoming more conscious with what they put in their body, particularly with medicine. Although prescription meds are the norm, not everyone is comfortable with conventional medicine. They are either dissatisfied with the treatment or do not trust the ingredients that come with the medication.

This is where alternative medicine becomes an option.

If you are considering venturing through this route of medication and treatments, you are not alone. Remarkable Medicine is here to educate our readers on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Why We Believe in Alternative Medicine

Here at Remarkable Medicine, we prefer alternative medicine to conventional treatments due to the following reasons:

  1. We are wary of some methods associated with conventional treatment. We have our reasons, and we know that our reasons do not apply to everyone.
  2. We believe alternative treatments offer more control and personal autonomy over healthcare decisions.
  3. In our opinion, alternative medicine is more compatible with our belief, views and values concerning the meaning and nature of health and illness.

Why We Exist

Many people wish to venture into alternative medicine, but do not know where to start. This is where we come in. We offer knowledge concerning CAM through articles and news concerning alternative therapies, natural remedies and healthcare policies.


Meet Our Writers


Dr. Philip Weston – Philip is a pediatrician with experience dating back to 1995. He started this blog to share advice on different topics, particularly on how to raise a healthy family the natural way. In this blog, he shares insights on allergies in children, healthy pregnancies, nutrition and more.


Melanie Philipps – Melanie calls herself a “natural mommy.” Mother to six kids, she covers a variety of topics for busy mothers who wish to incorporate more natural methods into their family’s nutrition. Melanie writes about alternative medicine-based solutions to daily issues, like easy dinner recipes or aromatherapy sprays.


Dr. Lisa Warrens – Lisa left her traditional OB-GYN practice to open a natural health center. Although she left clinical practice altogether in 2013, she has been focused on alternative health writing and advocacy ever since. She writes on body-mind practices, integrated medicine and more.

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